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Myrna Burd is an Emotion Code,  Access Bars and Theta Healing Practitioner.

Passionate about helping those who suffer from Emotional, Physical or Relational problems. Working with Myrna offers relief to those who are stuck in their lives and are seeking answers and the Emotion Code, Access Bars and Theta Healing are the catalyst.

The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code

Emotion Code

What is the Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is a practice to release stuck emotions in your body. We all have had times of trauma, stress and emotional issues and we carry that baggage with us. By freeing the Emotional baggage you rid your body of discomfort and stuck emotions. Emotions can cause real manifested dis-ease and by freeing ones self, the body, mind and Soul can recover.

What Emotional issues can Myrna help you with?

Access Bars

What Are Access Bars

Access Bars are related to 32 points in our head. When you have a practitioner run your Bars, it frees your brain and your body and leaves space for you to be. It clears the channels that make life difficult, resets your “energy” and feeds your inner being. Its like Feng Shui for the Soul. Feel peace, calmness, lightness, joy and freedom. Move energy in a positive direction and reset your mind and body to a new vibration. Its like starting over.


What Is Theta Healing?

Where the Emotion Code leaves off, Theta Healing picks up!  Theta Healing is a unique mode of healing using the practitioners ability to take you into the Theta Brain Wave state.  That state in which the brain functions as if in deep sleep, where the real recovery of mind, body and soul takes place.

Theta Healing creates restoration at the cellular level.  It goes to the core of the issue, bypassing all the other layers, allowing the participant and the healer to topple years of distress and disease in an instant.

Are you ready for your life to change?

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