I have worked in Spiritual and Energy Arts  for over thirty years. Having experienced a traumatic childhood, the death of my firstborn, followed a few years later by my husband’s fatal car accident, I fell apart. I had four children at home who depended upon me but I was a wreck, both emotionally and physically. Intense pain and severe, severe depression were my constant companions. Those were the darkest days of my life. I sought help from traditional sources – doctor visits, medication, and counseling – but received only marginal relief. Then I decided to explore holistic methods. It was here I discovered my passion; my life’s work. First, I studied nutrition with a master herbalist, then became a colon hygienist, and later worked with acupressure. It became clear to me that changing not only how we eat but how we think is imperative to the healing process.

Energy work made a huge difference in my life, culminating in my discovery of Dr. Bradley Nelson’s book, The Emotion Code. Here, finally, was the piece of the puzzle that had eluded me. I signed up for and attended a seminar where I learned about how trapped emotions can negatively impact our lives. Then, the presenter decided to demonstrate the process in front of the group and chose me. These next few moments changed my life! I instantly felt lighter, more confident, and I practically floated back to my seat. There, the woman sitting next to me said my “eyes were no longer sad.” And she was right.

In just those few minutes of working with an emotion code practitioner, I had shed a layer of sadness. I began private sessions and my life had turned around. It was miraculous! With renewed energy and a never before experienced zest for life, I felt like I’d stepped into a whole new world. I knew I had to share this.

I approach my healing work with compassion, energy and joy. I am now a practitioner of not only The Emotion Code and its sister The Body Code, but Access Bars and Theta Healing as well. With a combination of these tools, I can get people to a state of wellness in a few one hour sessions that it would have taken months to achieve using other Spiritual ministries.

Come, explore how sessions with me can change your life, too.