Myrna has worked in the healing arts for over 30 years.  After the passing of her first child, Myrna began to experience intense pain in her physical body and severe depression.  Searching for answers she was introduced to holistic methods of healing.

Beginning with nutrition she studied under a Master Herbalist for a few years, became a Colon Hygienist, and worked with acupressure.  During this time it became clear that changing not only how we eat but how we think was imperative to the healing process.

Because the very thing that plagues us is the one area we will excel in, Myrna excelled in nurturing and comforting those who were suffering from Emotional Pain.  Having been the victim of mental, emotional, physical and sexual abuse as a child, enduring the death of her own child and experiencing widowhood at a young age, Myrna was driven to find answers to the painful emotions she seemed unable to rid herself from.

Myrna found she received marginal help from counseling, some relief through medication, temporary relief through other energy work, but it wasn’t until she found the Emotion Code that the answers began to fall into place.

When it seemed like nothing was left in life after a devastating second marriage ended which left her in financial ruin and complete despair, Myrna was introduced to Dr. Bradley Nelson’s book, The Emotion Code.  It made a great deal of sense.

Attending a seminar and learning about Heart Walls and how they can affect our lives gave Myrna a spark of hope.  The practitioner did a heart wall removal on Myrna which took about 5 minutes.  Afterward, Myrna felt instantly lighter, could feel herself walking taller and more sure and there was hope reestablished in her heart.  Going back to her seat another participant looked at her and commented that her eyes were no longer sad.  They looked completely different.

The woman was right.  Myrna had shed a sadness in just those few minutes of someone working with her.  She began to sessions with the practitioner and within a few short weeks her life turned around.  No longer feeling despair, Myrna knew she had to share this.

Now with great compassion and joy, Myrna shares this wonderful gift with men and women who have areas in their life needing change.

Myrna says, “With the Emotion Code I can get people to a state of wellness in a few one hour sessions that it would take me months to get them to in the Inner Healing Ministry I used to work with.