Access Bars | Running Your Bars

How Do Access Bars Work?

Access Bars reset limiting beliefsAn Access Bars Practitioner works with thirty-two points on your head to free up emotional space and to clear the codes attached to your thoughts, feelings and emotions, releasing limitations you have set for your mind and your body. Running your access bars is like having a shower for the mind.

The practitioner will touch thirty-two points on your head clearing them and freeing the mind. It is a form of healing the psyche, clearing limitations and renewing your inner self to be the best that you can be. Its a restart and a chance to receive a gift.

For each person it’s a different experience. Some feel instant change with light and clear sensation in their head. Others may not have immediate results but will often see changes in how they think and understand their world. For some having “your bars run” is like having a regular massage. You know when your mind needs that refreshing. it’s a peaceful time spent with your self. Some say it’s like Feng Shui for the soul.