The seven chakras are the energy centers of our being.  They serve to bring harmony between our mind, body and spirit.  Stress, physical illness, and environmental disturbances can imbalance our chakras.  Having a session to balance the Chakras puts us back in the state of harmony.  We feel calmer, more in tune with our bodies, sleep better and find our mental and spiritual clarity sharpened.

Our Chakras can also hold trapped emotion causing interference with the flow of our energy.  Having the Chakras cleared of these emotions can have various affects.  We will be able to connect better with our world.  If you have gone through other Energy modalities only to have the stubborn issue return it could be Trapped Emotion interfering with the balance between mind, body and spirit.

Chakra Sessions

  • Energy Balancing using Theta Healing and Color
    • First Sesson $125.00
    • Repeat Sessions for maintenance $75.00
  • Chakra Trapped Emotion Clearing
    • Clearing Trapped Emotions generally involves 2 sessons
    • Sessions  $90.00 or 2 for $160.00