We hear the word PTSD mentioned often now in reference to our soldiers and those who have experienced trauma. Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder is a diagnostic term created and adopted in 1980. Prior to this it had been called many things, including ‘shell shock” and “combat neurosis”. Before the PTSD diagnosis was created it was difficult to get treatment for those who were suffering from the traumatic symptoms. Many modalities now work with PTSD.
In Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk’s book The Body Keeps The Score, he documents the various causes of PTSD and alternative modalities which seem to help more than traditional Psychology. Research with brain scans demonstrates the loops of electrical thought patterns created when a patient is triggered into the PTSD symptoms. Because the person was not able to process the trauma normally, it forms a loop and continues to be triggered, setting off the same emotional chemical responses.
What does PTSD have to do with The Emotion Code or Access Bars? The loop is creating a situation of being stuck in time. When an event happens in our life that resembles the original trauma we are triggered into the same pattern because of the “stuck emotional energy”. As I work with clients identifying and releasing the emotions related to the event, they report back significant changes in their live; anxiety decreases , projects get completed, and relationships become easier. PTSD can be helped.