Do you or someone you know suffer from addictions? Addictions of various types have become epidemic in our society. Even though we are surrounded by this phenomenon, most of us feel helpless to do anything about it. Does taking them aside and telling them what they are doing to their life (as well as others) help? People suffering from addictions tend to be full of self-condemnation already and know what the drugs or alcohol is doing to their lives.

I once knew a woman that smoked heavily. She hated it but was unable to quit. As she sat in the counselor’s office working through her grief, the observation was made that each time she began to cry she would stop it by lighting up a cigarette. The addiction was about suppressing the pain.

Often well meaning family and friends make the situation worse by demanding the person stop the behavior without understanding that it is driven by suppressed pain. Until we are able to release the pain, the addiction will continue.

As I work with those suffering from addictions, it becomes increasingly obvious how emotional pain suppressed into the body expresses itself in a detrimental way.Similar to how a dam would hold back the water but force it into another path. Our suppressed emotion does the same thing.

Did someone come to mind as you read this blog? Is it you? Wouldn’t you like to find out what is driving the addiction?