The Emotion Code | Emotional Issues

What Emotional issues can Myrna help you with using the Emotion Code?

Do you experience despair or unending sadness?

Does life seem overwhelming?

Does your body have discomfort that no matter what you do it doesn’t go away?

Do you erupt in anger?

You do not have to talk about the trauma or re-live the past that may have caused the stuck emotion. This practice can free and resolve the emotion in a few sessions.

How Does Emotion Code Work?

The Emotion Code clears the system via muscle testing and magnets which are used to clear stuck emotions and release the Body, Mind and Spirit to recover completely.

This can be done with the person face to face or can be done at a distance.

Are you wondering how the Emotion Code can work at a distance?

Picture this – The ocean tides roll onto the beach and recede….. then back onto the beach, the rocks and back out again. In this process, little pockets of the ocean are stuck in rock pools, in indentations and crannies along the earth surface. When the sea is at low tide, there are portions of the ocean that are left behind. They belong to the ocean, they are just apart and entangled elsewhere. That is the same with you and me. We belong to one big universe. We came from the same Source, the same God, Spirit, Higher Self, whatever you choose to call our Greater Power, we are connected. We are all along this path and because I can connect with you on a cellular level I am able to help you.

Not Sure?

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