“I just want to be happy!” How often have you found yourself or someone else making this statement? Have you ever defined what happiness is? What does it mean to be happy? Was there a time in your life where you felt happy and then tragedy struck? Have you said, “I’ve never felt the same since_______ happened?”
As I have worked with many individuals who have experienced major trauma, a common theme is lack of happiness. It is as if there is a gray cloud over their lives and the joyful feelings are difficult, if not impossible to experience again. In reading about the health of the brain, the information indicates that the chemicals controlling our moods/emotions become depleted. The Psychiatrists will call this a sick brain. Realizing the brain is an actual organ and can become sick, gives us a different perspective on what creates happiness.
Given the biological reason creating a lack of happiness medication may be a part of our process of healing. Is it the only answer though? Most of us who have lived through this cycle of life discover that the medication is only a partial answer, if it works at all. I have listened to clients who say the medication seemed to suppress their sadness but did not rid them of the sad or depressive feelings. Some folks have worked with various remedies such as sunshine, exercise, trace minerals, good nutrition, positive affirmations, music and the list goes on. All of these can replenish the mood chemicals in the brain. The question still remains, “Will I always have to work this hard to maintain a moderate level of happiness?
My experience, as well as many of my clients, is that it all helps but….can we ever just are happy again without all this work? My answer is a resounding YES!! Trauma counselors as well as those of us working in the healing arts recognize that the brain and body hold the memories of the trauma locked in the tissues and the nervous system causing us to continue to re-experience the grief, despair and depression. Breaking the cycle in the brain which keeps stripping us of the chemicals we need, is the answer as well as releasing the trapped emotion from the tissues.
As I work with the Emotion Code and Access bars, I am seeing happiness restored. It doesn’t happen instantly, but as we chip away at the trapped emotion and the looping patterns in the brain, we then can begin to recover our feelings of bliss. I’ve had the honor of being a part of this change in many lives. I can say that I have had my happiness restored and is a witness to multiple clients giving me testimonials of the same.