We all still carry that child inside us that began this journey we call our life.  The Inner Child is where our sense of awe and wonder, playfulness and curiosity comes from.  Our interpretation of life and what makes us happy or sad began with those experiences in childhood.  When the Inner Child has been well integrated into our adulthood, life is fun and full of zest and imagination with a balance of responsibility and dedication to our commitments.

Many of us, however, have not integrated well and this appears as behavioral, emotional and relationship problems.  When we are willing to acknowledge the wounds of the Inner Child and seek to love, nurture and restore this part of ourselves we then truly become fully integrated adults and our childlike joy and wonder is restored. 

Beginning this journey within can be an intimidating experience.  Often we feel fear and panic, finding  it difficult to go to those places within ourselves alone.  Working with a nurturing practitioner, who is experienced in taking people through this process, gives us the security we need to begin this important work.


The initial session consists of you telling me your story.  I listen carefully and pull out the hurts, traumas, fears and anger of your Inner Child which are causing confusion and unwanted reactions in your adult life.  If it is appropriate we will begin the work as the situations present themselves.   I will then go over the information and highlight the areas we need to focus on.

Each session after that we will be working on those areas.  I will be muscle testing your body to determine which area is most important to begin with.  You are always in control of the sessions and you may come in knowing what you want to address.  

A session consists of the following;

  • Open with honoring the Divine
  • Acknowledging your thoughts and experiences since the last session
  • Muscle testing  for direction on the area to work on
  • Focusing on that area; asking questions and allowing the body to lead us back to the event or series of events creating  the disturbance in the Inner Child, then using the healing modality the body chooses for healing and release
  • Sessions will last approximately an hour.

It is recommended to commit to 5 sessions  spaced one to two weeks apart.

5 session package–$475.00

Individual sessions-$125.00