BUGS! What can bugs teach us about Emotion? For the last month, bugs have been a big part of my existence. It is never a nice thing to discover that one’s world has been invaded by little creatures that came uninvited. At least it seemed they were uninvited. Because of the invasive nature of these little beasts, my apartment had to be completely packed up, sealed, clothes removed, dried and bagged and I had to live in a restricted poison saturated environment. I always feel too busy for such nonsense! But it had to be done.
After a weekend of pain and sleeplessness as I did this packing and drying, I felt angry and very irritated. As I’m learning more about feelings and how they shape our lives and draw things to us, I wanted to know what I could learn about this.
I felt so angry that I’d moved into an apartment that was infested. Concerned that I’d spread these varmints to someone else. Frustration over having to live with even less than I already was from being in this small living space. Grrrr, was all I could feel.
Sitting in my favorite chair feeling this negative emotion, I asked why? I don’t want to feel this irritation for the entire time I have to be packed up. I don’t want to feel this animosity toward my living space. How can I see this differently?
Then as often happens with me, I “feel” a cloud off to my left, almost like one of those speaking balloons we see in an illustration, and it said, “Myrna, why are you so angry?” I grrred at the cloud and projected my image of the nasty creatures that had caused this. I felt my disgust and horror and related this also. Then the cloud said, “Myrna, they’re just bugs.”
Just bugs….hmmm….just bugs. If I put no judgment on them as being bad, wrong, disgusting, but look at them as just bugs….Wow…what a different energy that brings! Just bugs.
Not good bugs, not bad bugs, just bugs.
Then the cloud reminded me that I had been feeling directed to clean out my closets and get rid of the things I no longer needed to make room for good things to enter my life. Ah, I’d heard that and said “yeah, I’ll get to it”. Well, I guess it needed to be done sooner rather than later. My closet is now empty and the bags of clothes will not just go back in. I will be carefully sorting and dismissing anything that is no longer a part of my life.
I also have learned what I really need in this apartment and what I don’t. The bugs helped me figure out how to live with less and get rid of the old, lightening my life and allowing me to say goodbye to items, ideas, and past traditions that are truly no longer part of my existence.
There was also a personal message of getting rid of unnecessary
risks by being more careful of what I bring into my living space.
Interesting. Just bugs.