Drop the Rope

Many years ago a wise teacher said “If you drop the rope there is no tug of war”. I have kept this saying close to me throughout my life. Recently I had cause to give it to someone else. Whenever we resist anything, we are creating the tug of war.

If we continue to hang on to the same mindsets that caused us to be in pain in the first place, we will just recreate it. Often times this means forgiving the debt.

Let go of the discomfort, it does not have to define you anymore. You may have been a victim but that is in the past. Let’s release that discomfort from your body and then move on to being a new creation.

You can recreate your life. I love the science behind what Joe Dispenza, author of the best-seller You are the Placebo, teaches. He actually explains how the emotion chemicals keep us in bondage and teaches us how to begin to change the chemistry of the brain to let go of our mental and physical discomfort.