Gifting of Nurturing Mother Energy

Mother Energy is a Divine gift of pure gentle Mother Love.  Think of when a loving Mother figure in your life held you with that soft sweet touch that created a sense of safety and complete peace.

During a session I have the participant lie on a massage table or sit in a recliner while I lay my hands on the head, allowing the Divine Mother Energy to come through.  Holding the head, touching the face, the hands and bottoms of the feet, creating a feeling of comfort, peace and complete relaxation.  The session may last from 30 minutes to an hour. 

These sessions are perfect for those who are lacking in physical touch, or nurturing in their live. 

For individuals that may not have experienced this type of nurturing during their childhood years, the Divine Mother Energy helps to heal the Inner Child.  It allows them to understand what unconditional love feels like and gives them a basis to recognize it.

Sessions are $75.00 for up to an hour.