Listen to what others have experienced.  You may yourself in these testimonies.  Move forward with your own restoration  and let these words become yours.

Mike and I were talking this weekend about what a difference your sessions with him have made. We are both amazed at his new-found love of books. Seriously, since this time last year he has probably read ten books. He is able to sit quietly and read, which never used to be the case. If he gets to a client’s site early and has time to kill, he now pulls out a book. He is fascinated by the personal accounts of those who fought in World War II, and has recently expanded his selections to include accounts by German soldiers, too. He’s had a couple of 500-600 page books, and is amazed when he finishes them….

…the second major improvement is his project truck in the garage. In the past, he would rely heavily on his friends, other gearheads, to come help him do things or tell him how to do things. Not this time. If he doesn’t know how something fits together, he comes in to his computer and researches it. He has watched so many You Tube videos by mechanics and do-it-yourselfers. Then he goes back out to the garage and he does it himself. Talk about a confidence boost when he’s done just about 100% of the work on this truck himself! It’s wonderful! But this is so new for him.

Finally… His overall attitude is and has been steady and positive. We haven’t had the mood swings which used to take him down to that dark place every other week or so. I’m loving that!!!

…thank you for what you do. You are making a difference…. We love you!


Ms. M had severe anger and grief issues as well as anxiety from the death of a sister and breakup of a marriage.As we progressed through the session she continued to give me feed back on how much lighter she was feeling and felt the release of the intense emotions.  She texted me several times letting me know how much lighter and better she felt.

“I feel good! Haven’t felt this good in….forever!! Even a week later, I still feel incredible. My focus has changed from loss and misery to feeling immense love and joy in my marriage and for my family. Thank you, Myrna.” ~ Candy J

“My father and I were super close. After his death, I was grief-stricken. Since my sessions with you, now I feel so much stronger; I’m thinking more clearly. I’m seeing my life with new eyes and somehow feel firmer in myself.” ~Susy S.

“After several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, I had difficulty assimilating back into civilian life. Two marriages ended divorce. I suffered from so much PTSD and all that comes with it, including alcoholism. When my session was complete, I felt peace and lightness. I was relaxed, like a ‘cold crisp morning air’ feeling.” ~ Paul R.

Ms. K  has had a rough life.  No male support even as a child.  She works hard as a caregiver to the elderly.  Ms. K has always been promiscuous, struggles with substance abuse and volatile emotions. Ms.K was amazed at how accurate the emotions were we identified.  When finished she said she felt fluffy.  Lightheaded but in a good way.  A few days later she documented on Facebook how much better she was feeling. There was a woman at work that every time she saw her she wanted to rip her head off….but this time she just felt love.  Amazing love was coming out of her.  And she felt loved.

“Thoughts of the upcoming holidays did not give me joy. I was feeling a lot of low-back pain, pain in my left knee and the tightness in my shoulders that often accompanies stress. After working with you, my pain vanished and I felt tingly and calm. I received a message to ‘stand tall!’ I am happy to report that I am now decorating for the holidays and truly enjoying it.” ~ Abby A

A few weeks ago I worked with Kim using the Emotion Code. There were some blockages in her life. One of them was getting a center up and running. She had been attempting to contact the donor for months and could not get to him. The day after I worked with her. You guessed it, he called her. And this center is the outcome! I love that I get to help change lives.