Theta Healing was created by Vianna Stibal. Vianna was given this method of healing after she herself had gone through cancer and was led by The Creator of All That Is to co-heal with this modality.

Having been given this amazing gift of energy and prayer, Vianna went on to apply it to all areas of life, finding that the main cause of disease and discomfort is what we believe.

During a Theta Healing session the practitioner will use muscle testing and intuition to determine the beliefs causing the issue you are presenting with. The Practitioner will then use the Theta Healing method to begin work on the specific belief or lack of belief that will create the healing.

At times it is necessary to implant or download a feeling or belief. How can you love if you don’t know what love feels like? or joy, or peace, or acceptance….and the list goes on.

Theta healing can be used to remove blocks that have kept you from experiencing what you most desire in life. What is it that keeps you from achieving that job, relationship, financial well-being, contentment ?

This is the most powerful tool I have experienced. I am excited to offer the Divine Energy of Theta Healing.