What to Expect

In all sessions I begin with connecting us to the Divine. 

I will discuss with you your goals and what you would like to see happen.

After we have established what area you would like to work on, I will ask your body which modality would be best for you during this session. Sometimes your body will direct me to use more than one. I muscle test to learn this information.  I will continue working with you until the body says it is done.

Releasing trapped emotion and letting go of the negative energy tires the body out.  It is important to not push the body farther than what it is comfortable with.  Always drink lots of water before and after sessions. 

 Some people experience the release as a physical sensation, others feel nothing.  I often have calls a few days later letting me know the pain is gone, or they are thinking, reacting and feeling differently.

One Session–$75.00

For those who are serious about ridding themselves from the damage of the past, the following sessions are recommended. 

  • Introductory session—1
  • Clearing Heartwalls- 1 to 3 sessions
  • Clearing by Age  or Event    1-5 sessions
  • Theta Healing for the three R’s  – 1 session each
    • Rejection
    • Resentment
    • Regret
  • Chakra Clearing  1-2 sessions
  • Clearing of Past Relationships –depends on how serious the relationships were.

5 pre-booked sessions -$300.00 savings of $75.00 off of individual price.